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COVID-19 Health and Safety Policy

Posted on: March 26th, 2020 by Joe

Revised May 21st 2020

Oasis Mission Physiotherapy is responding to the global COVID-19 pandemic with continued patient care, with patient and staff safety as our primary goal. As the situation unfolds, and new information pours in day by day, we are diligently updating our policies and procedures to ensure the safety of our patients.

1.1 Effective March 17th 2020, our clinic was closed to the public as a precaution for public health and safety.

1.2 The Mission Leisure Center is currently closed to public use. The Centre has allowed Oasis Mission Physiotherapy access to our facility under certain guidelines to maintain public health and safety. Oasis Mission Physiotherapy is able to provide in-clinic treatments under guidelines from The College of Physical Therapists of British Columbia in compliance with WorkSafe BC and the BC Center for Disease Control.  In the case of full center closure, we will re-evaluate the situation and inform patients as necessary.

1.3 The College of Physical Therapists of British Columbia announced that effective Tuesday, May 19th, Physiotherapy clinics may reopen under strict COVID-19 guidelines as part of Phase 2: Engagement and Assessment.



We will continue to offer Telehealth services moving forward. Telehealth connects our Physiotherapists with patients in real time. The sessions can be accessed by patients with a smart phone, tablet, desk top computer, or laptop with an external or built in webcam. Telehealth is available to all our patients and will remain an option for the foreseeable future.

2.1 For private patients Telehealth is a billable service. The private patient fee for subsequent visits is $60.00 for a one on one video call session with a physiotherapist or kinesiologist. Payment can be made over the phone using a credit card.

2.1.1 Extended Health Companies may or may not recognize Telehealth as a viable service. Please check with your provider to confirm coverage. Oasis Mission Physiotherapy is still able to direct bill private insurances. Any remaining balance that private insurance does not cover will be paid by the patient at the end of treatment, over the phone using a credit card.

2.2 ICBC recognizes Telehealth as a viable service and will cover the full cost of subsequent treatments. ICBC does not recognize Telehealth as a viable way to complete an initial assessment. If you are a new ICBC patient that has not yet received treatment for an accident that has occurred within 90 days, you must attend an in-clinic assessment in order to be covered by ICBC.

2.3 WorkSafeBC recognizes Telehealth as a viable service and will cover the full cost of subsequent treatments. If you are an existing WSBC patient with our clinic you were contacted by your therapist to get an update on your status as well as assessing your ability and willingness to participate in telehealth sessions if it is necessary. This update information was passed onto your claims case manager.

2.3.1 If you are a new WorkSafeBC patient that has not yet received treatment for an accident that has occurred within 90 days, please contact us via phone or email with your name, claim number, date of injury, and brief description of your injury. Due to the in-depth nature of the required WorkSafeBC Assessment report, not all cases can be evaluated via Telehealth. In the event that WorkSafeBC deems a claim not assessable via Telehealth, the worker will be asked to attend an in-clinic assessment (please see 3.0 IN-CLINIC SAFETY PROCEDURE).




Effective Tuesday, May 19th OASIS Mission Physiotherapy is open to the public under the following safety procedure and guidelines as outlined by the WorkSafe BC Health and Safety Division.

3.1 Upon arrival to the Mission Leisure Center, patients will remain in their vehicle and call OASIS to advise they are ready for their appointment.
3.1.1 OASIS Mission Physiotherapy will no longer be holding patients in the clinic waiting room to reduce traffic.

3.2 An OASIS staff member will call the patient and meet them at the front doors, while remaining 2 meters apart.

3.3 Prior to entry, an OASIS staff member will conduct an Infection Prevention and Control risk assessment which includes screening the patient for COVID-19. The following questions will be asked.

Are you experiencing any symptoms of COVID-19, [as described by the BC CDC] including coughing, sneezing, fever, sore throat and/or difficulty breathing?

          2. Have you travelled outside of Canada recently?

          3. Have you had any contact with individuals who have a confirmed or presumptive diagnosis of COVID-19?  

If the patient answers “Yes” to any of these questions, they will be denied entry and will be recommended to opt for a Telehealth session.

3.4 Upon entering the Mission Leisure Center, all patients are required to use a handwashing station, which are accessible at the front of the Leisure Center.

3.5 Face masks are mandatory at all times while in the Mission Leisure Center. All patients are encouraged to bring their own mask; however, one will be provided if they do not have one.

3.6 Patients will be escorted by an OASIS staff member directly into a treatment room, which is sanitized as per BC CDC guidelines before and after each patient.

3.7 All treating therapists will be wearing the appropriate personal protective equipment.

3.8 The therapist will remain 2 meters away unless performing manual therapy.

3.9 The patient will be educated on their condition and a home exercise program will be provided to aid in their recovery.

3.8 The patient will be expected to pay for any fees incurred for the service provided that is not covered by their provider. [ICBC and WorkSafeBC exempt]

3.8.1 If payment is required, patients are urged to use a touchless card. If the patient does not have tap activated, the receptionist will enter the numbers in manually to reduce touch contamination.

3.9 We encourage patients to wash their hands prior to leaving the clinic.

3.10 The patient will be escorted to the front of the building at the end of the session.

3.11 The entire gym area of the clinic and all equipment handled by the patient will be sanitized.

We understand that these are extreme precautions, however we firmly believe that we must offer the safest service possible in compliance with BC Health officials and the BC CDC for public health and safety. To schedule your appointment, or if you have any questions or concerns about this procedure, please do not hesitate to contact our office at 604-820-8285.

If you would like to watch our 2 minute walkthrough video, please view our channel on Youtube: Oasis Mission Physiotherapy and click “In Clinic Sessions – What To Expect”


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