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COVID-19 VIRUS UPDATE: March 26, 2020

Posted on: March 26th, 2020 by Joe

We are currently working on setting up a Telehealth option, which would connect our Physiotherapists with patients in real time.  The sessions can be accessed by patients with a smart phone (these have a built-in camera), tablet, desk top, or lap top with an external or built in webcam.  At the time of the appointment, an email will be sent to the patient that will include a link to start the session.  The goal of these sessions is to provide therapeutic benefit via:

  • Active exercise
  • Functional progression
  • Education
  • Self management
  • Self mobilization
  • Monitoring (such as for external signs of swelling, redness, etc.)

We recognize that many of our patients benefited from and have come to expect a more hands on approach via manual therapy and the use of modalities, however at this time, as the COVID-19 pandemic evolves, we are unable to open our clinic in its regular capacity due to the need for public safety.

Provincial Health Officer Bonnie Henry has outlined that “All non-essential and elective services involving direct physical contact with patients and clients should be reduced to minimal levels, subject to allowable expectations, until further notice.” This statement reinforces the direction from The College of Physical Therapists of British Columbia which recommends suspension of all in person physical therapy. That being said, there are exceptions to this guideline.

We are still able to assess and treat people under the following circumstances:

  • If you experience a decline in functional independence, or are concerned that you may be at an increased risk of: falls, deterioration of mobility or transfers, respiratory distress, hospital (re)admission, disabling chronic pain or the ability to care for dependents.
  • If your doctor or referral source specifies that your injury is urgent to prevent a poor outcome follow a recent fracture, surgery or chest infection.
  • If you have complex care needs that require a co-ordinated team approach.
  • If you are a health care professional, emergency service or essential service employee.

Please note that we are taking serious precaution in treating patients within our facility. In order to be treated in clinic, you must qualify via the above noted exceptions and consent to comply with our COVID-19 Health and Safety Policy, which can be accessed on News tab. Please review this document prior to contacting our office.

In implementing a Telehealth option, we will enact safety measures to ensure that your personal information is protected. We will be following three principles:

1) Patient Safety: Every effort should be made to ensure customers have another individual present in their vicinity during Telehealth sessions. If it is not possible, and clinical judgement concludes that sessions are safe to proceed, we must:

  • Obtain the customers alternate contact information (outside of the Telehealth medium) e.g an alternate phone number
  • Confirm an emergency contact (care provider, family member, etc.).
  • Document the local emergency services contact information in advance of any Telehealth sessions (Abbotsford Hospital and Mission Hospital)

2) Appropriate Technical Solution: Our Telehealth option will be delivered using a confirmed, secure, authenticated and encrypted application. (Note: Skype, Facetime, Google Hangouts, Facebook Messenger and other consumer-grade applications are not considered secure or appropriate for medical care)

  • Information recorded or noted during the session is stored on servers in compliance with the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA) or the Personal Information Protection Act (PIPA)

3) Consent: Customers must understand how Telehealth services are delivered so they can make an informed decision regarding whether to receive care in this way. Before receiving Telehealth services, we must:

  • Ensure the customer has received a written description of the Telehealth service (Oasis Mission Physio will send this out via email)
  • Obtain and document the customers informed consent to participate in Telehealth sessions

As customer safety and injury rehabilitation are a top priority, we will continue to uphold appropriate standards. We assure that we will deliver quality content, maintain regular duration of services provided and submit appropriate billings.


Telehealth subsequent sessions are covered by ICBC and WorkSafe BC.  We are in close communication with both parties to ensure minimal interruption to your claim treatment. Please note that all ICBC and WorkSafe BC patients will be contacted directly by their treating therapist to check in on progress in order to update the claim adjusters and case managers respectively.

>New ICBC/WorkSafeBC Patients
If you have been in a car accident or have been injured at work and have not yet received treatment, please first contact your claim adjuster/case manager to ensure that your claim is approved. Then, please call our office at 604-820-8285 and leave a message including your name, claim number, date of accident, brief description of your injury and best phone contact number. Alternatively, you may also send an email to info@oasismissionphysio.com. We will reply to your message with further instruction as soon as we are able.

Private patients are welcome to use this service, however, please be aware that precedence will go to urgent care patients first. Please note that Telehealth sessions are one on one with a physiotherapist or a kinesiologist that are billed at $60.00. Please note that fees are subject to change dependent on any updates or direction from The College of Physical Therapists of British Columbia.  Payment can be made over the phone at the time of the session.

>Extended Health Benefits
Please contact your provider to ensure that they will cover Telehealth services. We have been informed that some, but not all insurers consider Telehealth an eligible use of benefits.  If your provider accepts Telehealth, we will still be able to direct bill for you, so long as your plan allows it. As per usual, you the patient will be responsible for any remaining balance that your plan does not cover. If your plan does not cover Telehealth at all, you are welcome to pay privately for this service.

>No Extended Health Benefits
Payment for Telehealth can be made over the phone.

This includes: Disability Insurance, Crime Victim Assistance Program, University of British Columbia Hospital, Vancouver Coastal Health, Fraser Health, Lawyers, and any third party that is direct billed for treatment. Please contact your provider to ensure that they will cover Telehealth services. If they do accept this service, please have a representative contact our office either by phone or email to confirm direct billing. Once we have received confirmation, we will contact you directly to set up your Telehealth profile.

Please see our COVID-19 Health and Safety Policy for more details on the Telehealth service. We thank all of our patients for your patience in this trying time. If you are interested in receiving Telehealth rehabilitation services, please email us at info@oasismissionphysio.com and we will reply with further instruction.

Stay safe and stay positive!

Your OASIS Mission Physiotherapy Team.


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