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In-Clinic Session Protocol + What To Expect Video

Posted on: May 19th, 2020 by Joe

Please see our What To Expect Video on Youtube by clicking here

As of May 19th we are excited to be offering in-clinic treatment sessions again.  While we look forward to having you in our clinic, there will be a distinct difference to how attending an appointment will look.  We have all endured a lot of change in the last couple of months.  But what hasn’t changed is that we are all in this together and we will make the best of it!

Keep in mind we are still offering Telehealth appointments and we encourage this whenever appropriate.

We have developed a protocol and procedures to reduce the risk of COVID-19 transmission in an effort to provide a safe environment for our clients and staff.  This protocol has been developed based on information provided by the College of Physical Therapists of BC on the guidance given by the BC Health Regulators (with direction from the provincial health officer), the BC Centre for Disease Control (BCCDC), and WorkSafeBC.

Prior to Your Appointment

  • When you get your appointment reminder email, the day before, there will be 3 questions you must answer for yourself as a self-assessment screening process. You must be familiar with these as they will be asked again, the day of your appointment, before entry to the Leisure Centre and our clinic is allowed.
  • As per usual wear or bring appropriate clothing for the area being addressed (ie. Tank top for upper body and shorts for lower body).
  • Try to arrive 5-10 min early to your appointment. As you will notice there are a couple extra steps to this journey.
  • To minimize numbers of persons in the clinic we ask that you attend your appointment with only those that are absolutely necessary.
  • We ask that you bring a mask to your appointment as well. If you do not have one or forget yours we will provide one for you.

Upon Your Arrival

  • We would like to take this opportunity to introduce you to our new waiting room…… “Your Car”! Should you have to wait for a few minutes it has some remarkable features:  custom seating (in some cases heated and reclining), climate controlled, stereo surround sound, and a view of “the parking lot”.
  • Once you have parked your waiting room please give us a call to let us know you have arrived. If we can’t take you in right away, we will call you right back when we can.  This eliminates traffic coming and going from the clinic.  Don’t forget to wear your mask!

Entering the Leisure Centre

  • The Leisure Centre is still closed to the public so we will have to meet you at the front doors and let you in. We ask that you come to the far-left door, but stop at the bottom of the stairs.  We will then ask you those same 3 questions from the reminder email.
  • If you answer “No” to all 3 questions, then we will bring you into the Centre. The first stop will be the washrooms just inside the door to wash your hands (remember be thorough – 20 seconds).

Finally, off to the Clinic

  • Once you’ve completed the hand washing it’s off to the clinic. There are a few steps down to the entrance to the clinic and you may need to use the railing to steady yourself, please do so, but because we can’t monitor who has used that railing you will need to wash your hands one more time when you come into the clinic – we have posted some nice jingle lyrics at the sink to entertain you while you wash!  We do have an in-clinic gym space that is taped off and someone maybe working out in that space, we ask that you respect the 2 meter social distancing while you are in the clinic when possible.
  • Now it’s off to a treatment room or the gym depending on what your visit is for. While you were making your way in, we were diligently cleaning and sanitizing the treatment areas for your safety.  The professional treating you will be wearing the appropriate PPE (personal protection equipment) as depending on the treatment we will not always be able to practice social distancing.  But the same warm smile is still under the mask.

Leaving the Clinic after your treatment

  • Upon leaving the treatment room we ask that you wash your hands one last time.
  • We strongly encourage the use of credit or debit card Tap for payment.
  • Please keep your mask on until you have left the Leisure Centre.


If at any time during this process you don’t feel safe or comfortable please let us know.  If you don’t want to carry on with the treatment, there will be no charge or cancellation fee.  If you have developed symptoms the day of the appointment and need to cancel there will be no cancellation fee.

We thank you in advance for working with us and being patient as we strive to create a safe environment to provide care.


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